Laracart Changelog

Changelog 2 october

[change] - Removed Cartalyst Cart and implemented a fully working new Cart module, which even calculates rato discount on products displaying different VAT and their belonging vats rates.

[change] recurring invoices without an invoice period now doesn't support a frequency of once

[change/feature] Laravel Echo and Pusher are now available. Replaced redis and node.

[feature] autofill address and city by zipcode

[feature] autofill company and coc number

[feature] - Knowledgebase scoped search in categories

[feature] - ignore payment provider if checkout sum is zero. (no need for payment, so this will not generate any errors)

[feature] Laracart now successfully uses Laravel 5.4.

[change] improved categorized userroles management. We dont need to define as parameters. This has been replaced by middleware role checking. Offers more options to get things done. Also allows us to enable and disable menuitems.

[change] Blog has been renewed and now supports rich snippets.

[feature] - Laracart translated url \Laracart::url('lang')->__invoke($URL);

[feature] - Laracart translated url \Laracart::url('shop')->user_account

[feature] - Sms service. You can now send sms via the Laravel::sendSms('message', 'reciever'); method

[feature] - Form Builder. Users can now get there form emailed to themselfs or there customers

[feature] formbuilder. Users can now compose their own forms and call them by the \Laracart::getForm('name') command.

[feature] - permissions can now also be set for customer types

[feature] Finish page now shows depending on invoice creation an success or error message.

[feature] subscription dropdown now shows price

28 June 2017

[change] Blocks save and quit functions have been added

[change] Visualelement items save and quit functions have been added

[change] Cart products prices come from the cart price instead of the product price. Allowing the prices to be changed due promotions.

[change] Product totals checkout, product names come from the items model instead of the items name.

[change] Visualelement categories save and quit functions have been added

[feature] Shopcategory attributes can now be reordered

[feature] Visualelementitem attributes can now be reordered

[feature[ Block attributes can now be reodered

[feature] Abillity to reset orders, invoices, credit_invoices, subscriptions . For development purposes.